Design support

It doesn't take long to design a Dock Four wall. The configurator enables the designer to quickly finalise a design and the Dock Four 3D Library tool makes the process even faster and easier. 

The online 3D library is a user-friendly tool. Containing examples of walls suitable for a whole range of different uses, it is available 24/7. Examples can be loaded into a design straight away. It is also easy to change the size, colour and functions as required. This makes Dock Four a quick, easy and useful concept in the design phase too.

Customers are always welcome to call on the services of the designers here at Dock Four. A team of experienced interior designers (also responsible for development of the Dock Four product) is always on hand to provide support during the design phase. If you would like the support of one of our designers, please contact us via We will be pleased to help you!

Whether buying, hiring or leasing a Dock Four product, customers are always able to opt for a maintenance contract with design updating too. The Dock Four team can advise you on how to stay on-trend in terms of colour, theme and season or with current events in mind. As part of this maintenance option, you can also stay on-trend and up-to-date by making inexpensive changes to your Dock Four wall yourself. Suggestions:  The year of Mondriaan, salesperson of the month or Christmas.